ArduPlane 2.61 released

I've just released ArduPlane 2.61, which has a lot of small bug fixes from 2.60.

Changes since the 2.60 release include:

  • fixed wheeled takeoff to work with the APM_CONTROL controllers
  • support setting the plane into MANUAL or FBWA via MAVLink
  • added XTRK_USE_WIND parameter. When set to true (which is the default) the wind estimate from AHRS is used in the navigation code to help with navigation crosstrack
  • added support for using the airspeed estimate from wind + groundspeed when no airspeed sensor is installed to do surface speed scaling
  • added reporting of estimated airspeed over MAVLink if a real airspeed sensor is not available
  • fixed a bug with the throttle suppression code that prevents takeoff in auto when near home. The suppression code could get a false positive if a large gust of wind hit. We now no longer use airspeed for throttle suppression decisions
  • removed the reset_I() calls and instead auto-reset integrators in the PID library if the PID has not be used for 1 second
  • fixed a bug with DO_JUMP mission elements introduced in the last release
  • added ALT_CTRL_ALG option. When enabled, this allows you to select the non-airspeed altitude control code with airspeed enabled. This makes it possible to use airspeed for speed scaling and wind estimation, but use the non-airspeed control for throttle and pitch
  • improvements to the APM_OBC failsafe module
  • added new TELEM_DELAY option to delay telemetry on startup to prevent Xbee bricking
  • fix for HIL simulation in ATTITUDE mode
  • changed FBWA to obey both lower and upper pitch limits
  • added magnetometer accumulation in main loop. This gives us much better mag averaging, reducing compass noise a lot
  • added XTRK_MIN_DIST option, allowing a minimum waypoint distance for crosstrack navigation.
  • added support for the DO_SET_SERVO MAVLink command
  • added RUDDER_STEER option. When enabled, only rudder will be used for steering on takeoff and landing
  • fixed mount control code to allow multiple channels to be set to the same function. In particular this fixes having multiple manual output channels.
  • fixed throttle nudging to not depend on the RC3_TRIM value
  • added THROTTLE_NUDGE option for enabling/disabling throttle nuding

Happy flying!

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  • Thanks for the update guys!   I honestly think you guys update faster than I get to fly.....  (Around once every two weeks)

    I hope that this is a good as a place to ask as any, but it has been bugging me since I started working with the APM2.   Since I see reference to it in the release notes -  Can someone please tell me "what the HELL is nudging?"  I feel like I am the last guy at a party who actually doesn't understand the joke.  : )    Google is NOT my friend here.

    I found this description in on of the code pages:

    "You can also "nudge" the aircraft manually in this mode. Throttle "nudging" occurs if the throttle stick is in the top 1/2 of the range and moves the airspeed or throttle setpoint up towards the upper limit proportional to the stick's position in the top 1/2 of the range. Normally you should have the throttle stick in the lower 1/2 of its range when using any "auto" mode."

    As an engineer this really tells me nothing since I have no context of it's function.  It is also a pretty poor description since it uses the word twice in describing the operation.  "Nudge means you nudge something."

    Would someone be so kind and to explain:

    1. What does "nudge" do?
    2. Why do I want it?
    3. Can I accidentally set it?
    4. Why do I want to disable it?   (As in the release notes?)
    5. Can we put it somewhere in the Wiki to make this a bit more clear?

    Again, good job of the bug fixes!


  • i try to test 2.6.1 with x-plane 9 

    it dont  receive any x-plane data

    reload arduplane 2.4 with this network and data configuration - all work successful

  • Developer

    added THROTTLE_NUDGE option for enabling/disabling throttle nuding

    Uh, it should be Throttle nudging not *nuding

  • Hi guys!

    I use arduplane on a fixed wing (2 servos using elevon mode) and in all update i have to change the elevon config ( never the same config between eatch version 2.5, 2.6 and 2.6.1.

    Is it normal or not ?

    Yesterday i had 3 flights of 15 minutes and all was good with 2.6.

    This morning, i save all my parameters, do an erase of all logs and settings and upgrade to 2.6.1 ( i do that because, the ardupilot don't want to log my flights) and now, when i'm in stabilize, the elevon are crazy.....

    The left elevon is doing the elevation command and the right elelvon is doing the roll command....

    In manual mode, the plane is ok, all commands are good.

    Can i have some help please?

    ps: on eatch update i have an headache for setting up the elevon mode.... is it possible to have some help on the config screen ?

  • Having an issue in FBW-A. I've been following the tuning guide and I seem to have most issues solved. 

    When I'm banking to the left it banks to 40 degree's holds it and maintains altitude. When banking to the right it banks to 60 degrees and holds it. The pid is set to hold 40 degree's. Any suggestions on what values to be checking? In manual mode the plane flys perfect.



  • Hello

    I am experiencing something very strange. When ARSPD_USE = 1 than horizon starts jumping. :(

    I have attached the tlog.



    2012-09-10 20-08-13.tlog

  • Does this fix the issue whereby channel function for ch5,6,7 had to be reset after each boot (eg if i set the channel to manual I need to redo this at each boot)?
  • I am impressed with all the improvements in the last few firmware updates. Especially for us that don’t use the airspeed sensor.

    Keep up the good work!


  • 3D Robotics

    Does this also include that improved CH 3 bootup sequence that Craig wrote to avoid that can't-arm issue we found with some of those cheap Chinese ESCs?

  • Hi Andew,


    Let me ask. Is the channel mode bug fixed?


This reply was deleted.