ArduPlane 2.64 released

I've just released ArduPlane 2.64 for your flying pleasure.

This is a bug fix release, with the following changes:

  • added a bit more airspeed filtering, to reduce impact of airspeed in bench tests
  • added ALT_OFFSET parameter, allowing the target height for all waypoints in the current mission to be shifted while in flight. This is useful for accounting for atmospheric pressure changes during long flights.
  • changed the default build options for the APM1-1280 to enable the MTK, MTK16 and UBlox GPS, and disable geofencing.
  • sped up initial parameter fetching by the ground station
  • added support for fetching parameter by index, allowing a ground station to fetch individual missing parameters if some are lost due to packet loss
  • fixed display of airspeed in Mission Planner when ARSPD_USE is set to zero
  • disable use of barometer for vertical acceleration correction by default, and added a 0.5g limit on barometic acceleration correction when enabled
  • fixed chattering auxillary servos every few seconds. Many thanks for the bug report from Aami
  • stopped sending GPS_STATUS message, as it offers no useful information not already in GPS_RAW_INT
  • added THR_SUPP_MAN option. When set the pilot has manual throttle control when the throttle is suppressed on the ground in auto mode. This is useful for petrol planes to keep the engine idling nicely.
  • fixed resetting mission by setting waypoint number to zero
  • prevent stick mixing when in a short failsafe in CIRCLE mode. Many thanks to Andke for reporting this bug!

Happy flying!

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  • Tridge,

    Thank you for the changes and your continuing efforts. I noticed when I updated from 2.60 to 2.64, the Stabilize Mode no longer responded to manual stick override. RTL still did and of course Manual did as well. I am just learning MP and configuration, which parameter(s) do I need to change to regain the Stabilize override functionality?



  • Developer

    Thanks for the 1280 updates, many users are still out there waiting to utilize original APM,  I will test with my GPS_LOCK and OSD mods. and also use for a Follow Me developmental unit.

  • Thanks, looking forward to the bugfixes.

    Mission Planner does not offer 2.64 yet, is that imminent or should I do a manual update ?

This reply was deleted.


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