I've just released ArduPlane 2.74beta3. I'm hoping this will be the last beta before the 2.74 release. Please test it as much as you can!
The simplest way to try it is to use a pre-built firmware from http://firmware.diydrones.com.

Key features include:

There are many more smaller changes as well. I'll post a full list of changes in the announcement for the final 2.74 release.

Note that it may take an hour for the autobuilder to build all the firmwares for the new beta release. Check the git-version.txt in each directory to ensure it is 2.74beta3.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release!

Cheers, Tridge

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This is great news Tridge!

You can also download the code from Mission Planner's Firmware screen by selecting the "Beta Firmwares" link on the bottom right.

Wonderful Tridge !

Craig, direct links to the precompiled hex files:

ArduPlane 2.74beta3 release (APM2 Flight)

ArduPlane 2.74beta3 release (APM1 Flight)

Hi Rana

You don't need those links to load the code.  You can do it right from Mission Planner by selecting Beta Firmwares.

Hi Craig !

You are right, some times all the beta files are not available via MP, in that case the way I suggested will help.

I am aware of the way you suggested.

Hi Andrew...congratulations!!!

i tested the 2.74 firmware...attached the log of my flight...please check the pitot measure is correct and navigations pids and attitude in flight its all ok..

Thank you very much..



I've now released 2.74beta4, with two key new features:

  • much improved ACRO mode, with better roll control for smoother loops
  • a new CRUISE mode which should be great for FPV flyers

Feedback welcome!

Cheers, Tridge

Hey Tridge,

Thanks for the release! I'm now testing this FW as I require the MIXING_GAIN parameter to properly setup a new elevon frame.

One unusual thing I've noticed is that Mission Planner now takes 20 seconds extra to connect. The connection timeout drops from 30 seconds down to 10 seconds stuck on "trying to connect" before mission planners reads the first parameters. Everything seems to work just fine, but the delay is new in 2.74b4. With 2.73 mission planner only needs 1-2 seconds to receive the first parameters.

The issue occurs only using the USB connection. Using the 3DR telemetry modules mission planner connects without a delay.

Hi Luis,

That looks pretty good! A graph of nav_roll to roll shows you need a bit of RLL2SRV_I, as the plane isn't quite achieving the desired roll when level:

the pitch also needs some I term, and may need some D as well:

your airspeed looks to be well tuned, and TECS did a good job of tracking speed and altitude, despite the pitch error:

btw, I noticed you have AHRS_YAW_P set to 0.4, possibly as a result of restoring some parameters from an earlier firmware?

I also noticed your compass offsets might be a bit off. You had compass offsets of (-36.0,-31.0,-4.0). Here is a graph showing the magnetic heading you had in your flight, as compared to offsets of (-67.6,24.1,13.8) and your GPS heading:

Those offsets are calculated as a best fit to your GPS heading. It can be fooled a bit by wind and you seemed to have a moderate wind in this flight, so no guarantees these are really better, but might be worth a try.

Cheers, Tridge

Thank you andrew for check my logs, change and tuning and test in flight in next days...and post my logs...the plane is very accurate navigation and attitude compare to old firmwares..the new tacs and l1 navigation is very good...
My set up is a skywalker black 1880 span, axi 890kv.. 4s8000 mah...and 12x6 prop, 1.3 ghz 1w video..i have a endurance 40 to 50 min.

Thanks again..
Best regards

Hi Marijn,

Thanks for noticing the slow connect!

It was a fairly subtle bug, and I've fixed it in current master.

Cheers, Tridge

2.74 beta4 airplane powering first then transmitter,motor starts and spins constantly in spite of turning on transmitter.Throttle stick not responding.It's not safe.

First rule of R.C?

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