Arduplane 3.4 Beta testing

I don't see any thread started for 3.4 beta testing so hopefully some users can post their experiences here. I have not got a chance to test it yet, but, am looking forward to hearing the reports of initial testers.

Here's the note/changes from Tridge:

Hi All, 

I have started the beta release cycle for the 3.4.0 release of 
plane. This will be the last release that supports the APM1/APM2 boards. 

This is the also the first release that enables the EKF for attitude 
and position estimation by default. This has been a long time coming, 
and significantly improves the flight performance. You can still 
disable the EKF if you want to using the AHRS_EKF_USE parameter. 

There has also been a lot of internal code restructuring in this 
release, with the move from .pde files to .cpp files and changes to 
the handling of include files. 

Other key changes include: 

  - fixed return point on geofence breach 
  - enable messages for MAVLink gimbal support 
  - use 64 bit timestamps in dataflash logs 
  - added realtime PID tuning messages and PID logging 
  - fixed a failure case for the px4 failsafe mixer 
  - added DSM binding support on Pixhawk 
  - added ALTITUDE_WAIT mission command 
  - added vibration level logging 
  - ignore low voltage failsafe while disarmed 
  - added delta velocity and delta angle logging 
  - fix LOITER_TO_ALT to verify headings towards waypoints within the loiter radius 
  - allow rudder disarm based on ARMING_RUDDER parameter 
  - fix default behaviour of flaps 
  - prevent mode switch changes changing WP tracking 
  - make TRAINING mode obey stall prevention roll limits 
  - disable TRIM_RC_AT_START by default 
  - fixed parameter documentation spelling errors 
  - send MISSION_ITEM_REACHED messages on waypoint completion 
  - fixed airspeed handling in SITL simulators 
  - enable EKF by default on plane 
  - Improve gyro bias learning rate for plane and rover 
  - Allow switching primary GPS instance with 1 sat difference 
  - added NSH over MAVLink support 
  - added support for mpu9250 on pixhawk and pixhawk2 
  - Add support for logging ublox RXM-RAWX messages 
  - lots of updates to improve support for Linux based boards 
  - added ORGN message in dataflash 
  - added support for new "blue label" Lidar 
  - switched to real hdop in uBlox driver 
  - improved auto-config of uBlox 
  - raise accel discrepancy arming threshold to 0.75 
  - improved support for tcp and udp connections on Linux 
  - switched to delta-velocity and delta-angles in DCM 
  - improved detection of which accel to use in EKF 
  - improved auto-detections of flow control on pixhawk UARTs 

Please test out the beta and report back on how it goes! There has 
been a lot of testing of this release already by core developers so 
I'm not expecting a long beta release cycle. 

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release! 

Cheers, Tridge 

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  • hi, is there anyway that oneshot125+active braking could be enabled? if there isnt, is there any plans for implementation in the future? so used to doing acro with oneshot125+active braking using naze32. it would b great if pixhawk has it too,

  • This is the most quiet Arduplane release I have seen. Is no one trying the new features?

    There are some really nice improvements in this with the switch to EKF and now the automatic compass calibration.

  • Just loaded Beta 2 and noticed there is a Crash Detection parameter now. Has anyone tested this?

    Also, the new compass calibration, I am not sure how to use it?

  • Flew a mapping mission with the new firmware yesterday and very impressed. There was a 4 m/s cross wind for the flight, but, it was much much more stable than 3.3. I'm pretty sure it's due to the EKF being used now.

    Hopefully this update will soon support twin engine aircraft and fix the issues with the LIDAR for landing if you have tree's before your runway.

    • What do you want for a twin? I fly a twin motor aircraft for AP and have no problem. With a Y throttle harness they make balanced power throughout the throttle range. I use active sideslip control and you can tell be the rudder position they making balanced power.


      • I use a Y right now as well, however, if they add support for twin motors they can use it for many things. First, you can better detect and control flight if one motor fails. Second, you can use it for controlling yaw on the ground for some twins or for twins on pontoons in water. and third it allows you to program different min and max throttles if your motors are not perfect.

        What plane are you using active slide slip control on? I have not turned it on as i'm not sure if there is enough side force for it to work properly.

        • It’s my own 70” design that I use for AP. It has plenty of side area and landing gear.


  • Is there a change log for beta versions?

    I would like to know what’s changed before I try it.





    • I added the notes/change log from Tridge to the main message

  • I just loaded 3.4 onto a test plane and it went quite smooth. Have not flown yet, but, just testing basic functions and all is ok.

    Some observations:

    1. Rudder disarming does not seem to be working, unless I am doing something incorrect? Throttle down all the way and hold rudder to the left?

    2. Hdop values are very low now. I am getting GPS fix:4 which is DGPS and hdop values below 1

    Anyone else test this or fly it yet?

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