Hi I'm having major difficulties trying to get my XUAV talon launched and flying. I have had a professional help with the VTail set up, it had a good launch and started flying but automatically turns right. I have tried many things checked compass and changed GPS but it seems to always go up steeply and stalling then banking right. First launch it didn't head up too steep but turned right with no control. Is anyone else familiar with this problem?


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  • Hi Michael,

    Do you have it sitting horizontally on the ground with the wings level when you connect power while the APM initialises.

    Have you tried using FBWA mode instead of stabilize and have you tried adding down trim to the pitch control and left trim on roll yaw control on your rc transmitter.

    Or maybe ask a buddy who can already fly to give you some help maiden it.

    Have you tried test gliding it with no power to see if it glides straight and level.

    Keep the faith 


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