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Hi All!

Sorry for the short message but I am a little rushed for time at the moment.

I am a student working on an autonomous boat for the 2015 International RoboBoat Competition and we want to us a PixHawk to control our motors, move to waypoints, etc. We are looking to use the ArduRover code to do this control on the PixHawk.

We want to get a prototype in the water as soon as possible. The prototype would only be controlled through a RC so we don't have to worry about some of the higher level computer vision stuff (yet). To do this the PixHawk has to be able to talk to our motors which speak RS485 (we are getting an RS232-RS485 converter). What we were thinking of doing was putting a ROS on the PixHawk to handle this communication. 

Has anyone put ROS on the PixHawk before?

Has anyone used a PixHawk running ArduRover to control a boat?

Were should we look in the ArduRover code for its output to the motors?



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            What Pixhawk outputs do you plan to use for RS232?


            TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

            • @TCIII,

              We were planning on using the serial 4/5 or the CAN ports.


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