Thanks for the advice on using my shield with airspeed sensor. I simply installed it and to test, squirted w/ canned air when running. The motor slowed as I presumed it should. I will flight test when it is not windy out.

Meanwhile I have been trying to get my xbees to communicate. I have the 900 mhz variaty as recommended. I assembled and programmed the ardustation setting the baud to 38400 to match my metatech gps. I also programmed the xbees w/ 38400 baud. I am using the IMU and the DIY Xbee adapter. I am seeing the TX signal from the plane side. The ardustation side has green lite and red lite but no rss lite. Also I have set the Xbee identities to 111 for testing. Additionally I have tried baud 57600 on each as well as reuploading the station code to match. No go. The station has display but all zeros. Only left and right middle row buttons work to change screen displays.

I am trying to provide as much info as possible. What do you think might be the trouble? Thanks, David

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  • Hello David, Maybe I can help. First some questions.

     1: What firmware versions are you using?

     2: Did you see the output from the plane with the serial monitor? Are you sure the AP is sending data.

     3: Did you set the baud rate in the Ardustation firmware? Look for the "Serial.begin (5760)" or what ever rate in the void setup()        function just before the main loop?


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