Ardustation and DGPS

Is it possible that we could hack in a gps module to the ardustation, then put it in a known spot (look at google maps and get a reference point/co-odinates) and transmit the difference between GPS position and actual position to the arducopter via Xbee.


I can see my letterbox on google maps and can get the co-ordinates of it, so should have that accurite to 10cm ish, and arducopter will always be 'line of sight' for regulations so conditions should be comparable between both the chopper and ardustaion.  


I have been looking for a schematic for the ardustation, any idea where i will get it? had a look on the google code thingy and cant see anything.





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  • yeah i had seen the other DGPS discussions, i just thought hey we could add it to the ardustation and make something really cool quite easily. hadnt seen anyone suggesting to put it on the ardustation.



  • Nice idea if our GPS units were up to it and if Google Earth was that accurate - take a look at where it thinks the Greenwich meridian is !

    P.S.  The meridian line is marked on the forecourt of the observatory building and on the building wall.

  • Chris,

    This is known as "poor mans dgps" and there have been a number of discussions in the forums and elsewhere.  In principle, the Ardustation could do it, but would not work well because the processing should be with raw GPS data (pseudoranges) and the cheap GPS modules we use are not good at being consistent and don't have access to raw internals. Search the forum for DGPS and you'll see some previous discussions or look here:

    The Eagle schematics and board layout are available on the DIYDRONES store page for the Ardustation:



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