I have an Ardustation and it's working fine, but it is much more fun to
have the screen of the computer showing telemetry, although I'd like to
have the feature of tracking antenna (that's only available with the

So, my question is: is that possible to have my computer receiving the
telemetry wirelessly (as normal) and then I have my Ardustation
connected to my computer via FTDI cable receiving the same data?

The setup should look like that:

-)----[xBee]------COM1----->[Computer ]>-----COM2--------[Ardustation]

The xbee should be connected to com1 in my pc for instance, receivingthe telemetry data and displaying in the GCS, and the PC should be
retransmitting the same data to COM2 (where the FTDI cable coming from Ardustation should be

This way Ardustation can receive the telemetry via FTDI cable and drive the antenna.
Any ideas on how to perform that?


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  • I'm using the DigiXtend 900 modems instead of the Xbee pros.  Since they are soooo expensive, I do not want to but a third.  So I'm looking into hijacking the MAVLink in order to use the telemetry for both ArduStation and the GCS software.  Is this the same setup that I will need for the Xtends, use the Xtend on my COM1 port--->ArduStation in COM2 port with FTDI to USB?  And when you mean invert TX and RX, what exactly are you referring to?

  • Not that this helps your current situation at all, but we are adding this functionality with just a standard mini-USB cable (FTDI is on board) on the new ArduStation Mega.
  • Hi Rana, please note below the screens showing how I've connected my ardustation to my PC and also the terminal screen showing just the "Welcome!" text coming from Ardustation, nothing else. The ardustation is working fine and receiving telemetry data perfectly.

    Did you change something in Ardustation program or the way you connect it to the PC?

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