Ardustation strange behavior

I've built my Ardustation and my Ardupilot and after a couple of tests noted that the Ardustation was not displaying the values sent from Ardupilot.

I've tested the telemetry with my PC using the Groundstation PC based and it works nicely.


So, to debug, I've added the following code to my Ardustation menu and found a strange behaviour:


    case 5:
    lcd.print("String: ");
    while(Serial.available() > 0)

I've added a 5th menu option just to display what was coming from the serial port, and this is the result when I send the string +++ASP:0,THH:85,RLL:26,PCH:-31,STT:2,***



Also if I send a single character (anyone), the station displays 255 or 254.


Does anyone knows what should be going on with Ardustation? (I"ve set baudrate to 38K, 19K, etc, and my xbees are configured as specified).


The strange part is that telemetry is working perfectly with the PC Groundstation.


Thank you,




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  • OK, I've found a solution for this issue.
    I needed to set the modem for the speed of the GPS (as I was doing before), so the xBee should be set to 57600 in my case (EM406), and the Ardustation serial initialization should be set for the double of xBee baud rate (115200) . Don't know why, but this way worked perfectly and the Ardustation is now displaying data.

  • If you are sure you are getting good serial data from your XBEE and neither your code or the ArduStation code proper is working then carefully trace the data tracks from XBEE to the ATMega looking for poor solder joints or possible shorts to other data lines (remove the ATMega and test for shorts with a meter if you have one).

    Also carefully but firmly press the ATMega into it's socket, the serial comms pins are in one corner and this may be floating a bit.
  • By the way, the modems are properly configured and baud rates are correct, and GCS configuration in Ardupilot is setup for zero (ardupilot text).

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