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Yesterday i was out at the field checking new modem setup to send mavlink from my arduplane to my ground station after seeing it all worked great i want to add an antenna tracking capability and i have an Arduino 2560 board laying around, so i wanted to know i can take the Mavlink output i got send it to an arduino board running Ardustation to do the tracking?

please note that my mavlink i 1 way, only receiving data comes from the arduplane.

can such thing be done?

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  • You certainly could make it work, but you'll still need some way to set home position using a user interface. The existing Ardustation 2 software assumes that there are an array of buttons and an LCD screen.  The software would have to be modified for an arbitrary Arduino board depending on its peripherals. The Mavlink feed would have to be T to your ground station and also to the Arduino. Also, the 2560 has different I/O arrangements and would have to be changed in the software.  The other wrinkle is that Mavlink is constantly in flux and may need updates to follow message changes for the latest APM code. It would be quite a bit of work and I would look at the Ardustation Mega which is based on a 2560 already and has all the necessary stuff to make it quite easy. I haven't followed the project and don't know what the state of the Antenna tracking is but the hardware is set up to drive servos/etc for antenna tracking. I don't have this board myself, but I think would be a simpler solution than modifying a generic Arduino 2560.

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