the pixhawk is on the market from  a year ,  you know if there are plan  in the short period to update the hardware card ?
if yes do you have a roadmap in this sense ?

do you plan to  increase the number of channel for example to 18 or 24 or insert a better IMU/IMS ?

do you think that is possibile to connect three pixhawk in high avaibility so that each keep an eye on the data of the other two and passed a certain margin of error the card that is broken is excluded and then attempted a restart and re-sincronization mechanism. ?

i want to buy the pixhawk and develop some  feature with my team but if you are working on a new release i prefer to wait ..... and keep the new release .

So what advise con you give me ....?
(my group is meltin pot of student and RC hobbist with very few dollars) so every choice is important .

Best Regards

Alex Vitali .

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