artificial horizon

In the configurator do you have to have the magno in order for the artificial horizon to work? The reason that I ask is that it seems to go off to one side or the other depending on which computer I plug it into, but the accelerometers seem to work.


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  • sorry i miss read your post the first time. I thought you said esc not eeprom. I just initialized it and it works. Thanks for the help.
  • i dont have any esc's hooked up. Do i need to before it will work?
  • i will add one thing though. When i had the apm software loaded on here and put it in debug mode the yaw pitch and role seemed to feed valid and stable output to the serial monitor. Just a side note that I thought might help.
  • video didnt post so here is a youtube of it.
  • here is another video of what it is doing it looks like the accelerometer is not calabrated or something and i dont know how to do that.
  • the sensor readings seem to be fine. they move when it moves but the virtual horizon keeps freaking out like the video. I will post a video of the regular sensor readings in a few when lunch roles around.
  • Here is the video... if you need me to post a youtube link please let me know.

  • Hmm i will post a video of it. Its the tilt that is off. it looks like it is tilted all the way tilted to one side or the other.
  • it works without magneto
    but the yaw will drift (numbers on the bottom)
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