Attempted fly away, log analysis.. I could use some help.

I was testing rc10 today and took my little 250 size copter basically straight up, yawed around 360 degrees, and back down..  That was the plan.  After the yaw, the copter rolled hard left on its own (loiter mode).  I attempted to recover, and my roll command was ignored, or didn't work well.  I was able to yaw around to the direction I wanted to go and escape the westward direction it was traveling. 

I'm not sure it's 3.3 beta related, so don't know if I should post this question in that thread.....  Hopefully someone sees it here. 

I'd really appreciate it, if someone could help me diagnose my logs.   I also have a video. 
Everything is fine until I yaw around in a circle.  Then immediately after that, maybe during the yaw, the copter starts traveling left, west.  I regain control in within about 30 seconds.   Interesting stuff starts somewhere after 1 minute 30 seconds.  If you look at the baro, it's when I'm at the max altitude.

I have looked at my rc in and out's.  You can see when I yaw, and then roll hard right to try to stop its left movement.  I looked at GPS, and my sat count does drop around that time, but I still have a relatively low HDOP.  I'm not sure what else to look at.

Here's a link to the video:  (It starts when I yaw, and goes on for 20-30 seconds after I recover control)

and I'll attach my log .bin here.

Thank you.

Edited to say..  Since I'm in a residential area I feel obligated to say, when I test things here I only fly in my yard, which is basically straight up and down.  I know my neighbors, and they all know I do this, and are OK with it.  They know I'll take responsibility if anything goes wrong.

2015-08-31 11-11-49.bin

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  • Thanks for looking at this.

    Yes, I did land at about 5 minutes.   Copter was disarmed, so I guess it stopped logging.
    The issue occurred just before max altitude, where it levels off for a few seconds before it starts climbing that last bit to the max.   I look at my rcin 1 and 4, and it's just after I yaw, and while I'm trying to roll hard right, and that's exactly when the issue was occurring

    I made a couple of graphs..  In the first one (rolllft), you can see the orange is my yaw command, and the yellow line is my copter circling from 360 to 0 degrees.  Immediately after the yaw stops, you can see the blue line, which is "EKF1 ROLL" is telling it to go left.  The purple line is me trying to go right.  The blue line goes up and down a few times, which you can see in my video as rocking, and then finally I have control again.

    I made a 2nd graph (ekf1) showing my rc inputs, and the EKF innovations.  They seem to do all sorts of strange things at the time of the issue, but I don't know how to interpret them. 

    If my GPS glitched around 245, that might be what caused it.  I'll have to look up some more info on interpreting GPS logs.

    It's a small 250 size frame, so there's not much room for component separation.  I'll see if there are any adjustments I can make for the compass, and re-do a compass mot.  I've noticed, even sitting stationary on my workbench, the new compass EKF meter in mission planner fluctuates.. never above about 1/2 way up the green section, but that meter is always moving. 


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