Recently, I was in South Korea for a drone exhibition. The attraction of this exhibition comes from many countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, and some Asian countries. The exhibition was attended by nearly 600 enterprises, and there were many different kinds of exhibition cabinets, showing the latest products of many enterprises respectively. For example, there are flight control computer, flight control software and hardware, simulation system, power supply, engine, motor, battery, propeller, reducer, electronic fuel control and so on.

However, I pay more attention to UAV detection products. One of them is a gas detection device from China, call Gas Detector G2, which has three highlights:
Firstly, the daylight mouse series products all adopt the unified standard interface of unmanned aerial vehicle task system to realize rapid disassembly, namely plug and play, automatic locking, and automatic unlocking by gently pressing, which can be quickly connected to different flight platforms for use
Secondly, the visual data display interface is adopted to calculate the detection area online, and the gas distribution is visually presented in the form of thermal diagram, which is convenient for staff to judge and adjust the detection scheme in real time, saving the data processing time in the later period.
In terms of data, the accuracy is relatively high. Accuracy up to ±3℃, humidity measurement range up to 1~100%RH, accuracy up to ±2%RH.

I recorded this video at the exhibition uploaded it

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U.S. drone companies attending the show may not be able to come up with the most advanced technology to prevent copying.

China's drone technology is getting stronger and they like research and development.

It seems that China's inspection technology is close to our country, and the most important thing is that their products have price advantage.

Are you kidding? China is copying

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