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Nelson Campbell replied to Allen Bryant's discussion The effect of power-weight ratio of Tethered drive motor
"The effect of the tethered device on the UAV is from the output voltage, the motor power of the tethered device is not affected."
Sep 1, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to Jefferson's discussion Efficient and safe oil and gas inspection tool
"Does the cyclone caused by the rotor rotation of the UAV affect the measurement results?"
Aug 29, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to Nelson Campbell's discussion Electricity is very hot what's going on
"Generally speaking, it is difficult for ordinary players to configure high performance powerplants themselves. Therefore, it is more convenient to directly buy a complete set of power devices, like the Skylle power system kit I bought before, which…"
Aug 29, 2019
Nelson Campbell posted a discussion
Recently, I have noticed that police in many countries are using drones to conduct aerial duty, taking photos of illegal vehicles and, of course, installing loudspeakers to notify illegal drivers remotely. Of course, there is one technology that has…
Aug 29, 2019
Nelson Campbell posted a discussion
I recently upgraded my six-rotor UAV. In order to improve flight efficiency, I specially refitted larger blades. But when it was installed, I tested it and found a series of problems. Firstly, the electric power is very hot, and secondly, it is…
Aug 20, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to John warrior's discussion NIFFER G2 transmits detection data in real time. What do you think?
"It looks very cool, but as far as I know, the DJI M600 Pro is sold as a complete set, not as a retail accessory Authority said:
I prefer the DJI M600 Pro, which comes with the FLIR G300a camera and the Viper View software"
Aug 19, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to Godfery's discussion Uav gas detection equipment is more accurate and lighter
"It's only -20℃. Is that a joke? In many northern cities, it's -30° in winter."
Aug 18, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to Stanley Wilson's discussion Homemade uav detection! What kind of equipment is needed
"First, you need to make sure the instrument can be attached to your drone. Secondly, the most important detection devices are sensors and cameras. You can search for the details of this product."
Aug 16, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to John warrior's discussion Attending the drone exhibition, I found this product amazing
"Are you kidding? China is copying"
Aug 15, 2019
Nelson Campbell replied to Adams Smith's discussion The new product?What are the functions of the tether system
"I see it means that the technology can be used for long periods of time in the air, such as air lighting for a long time, aerial communication stations and so on. Allen Bryant said:
The tethered UAV platform can hover in a certain area of the sky…"
Aug 15, 2019