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I am an avid UAV enthusiast.

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I am keen on studying UAV parts and assembling UAV.



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Adams Smith replied to Allen Bryant's discussion The effect of power-weight ratio of Tethered drive motor
"First of all, it is important to understand that tethered motors drive tethered operations. Drones run on motors. It's not the same.
Have good time"
Sep 1, 2019
Adams Smith replied to Adams Smith's discussion Distribution of pollution concentrations produced by UAV gas detectors
"No, because it is equipped with a fixed interface, you can directly convert different gas meters. Allen Bryant said:
Do I need to replace the entire amount for testing other gases?"
Aug 26, 2019
Adams Smith posted a discussion
Because the air pollution has "involved area is larger, the area between the variety of large amount of pollutant transport and pollution source, pollution factor relatively complex" wait for a characteristic, the traditional environment monitoring…
Aug 22, 2019
Adams Smith replied to Nelson Campbell's discussion Electricity is very hot what's going on
"Motor heating reasons are many, maybe heat dissipation is not good, or the wire voltage is too high. But if this condition is after the blade replacement, it should be motor and blade do not match."
Aug 21, 2019
Adams Smith replied to Vincent Spano's discussion What are the requirements for camera pixels for aerial detection?
"What is the most important thing to detect? For gas detection, 4 megapixels is enough. If image analysis is needed, it may not be enough."
Aug 18, 2019
Adams Smith replied to Stanley Wilson's discussion Homemade uav detection! What kind of equipment is needed
"Forward photography and 5 combined camera 200 million pixels tilt photography, multiple options, with PPK /RTK, as well as ground-based GNSS, to provide accurate and efficient mapping services, while Lidar mapping UAV can also provide faster and…"
Aug 15, 2019
Adams Smith replied to Adams Smith's discussion The new product?What are the functions of the tether system
"According to the program introduction, Cirrutitan adopts a smart cable device that can automatically release, collect and organize the cable. Users simply need to press the button to control this process. Stanley Wilson said:
Will the drone not get…"
Aug 13, 2019
Adams Smith posted a discussion
Hello, everyone. Yesterday, I saw a technology product named UAV tether system on a technology program. Who can tell me what kind of function tether system is?The product on the show is called Cirrutitan, a new generation of…
Aug 12, 2019