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Vincent Spano replied to John warrior's discussion NIFFER G2 transmits detection data in real time. What do you think?
"For me, I like the design of the DJI M600 Pro. But objectively speaking, NIFFER G2 bias gas detection, DJI M600 Pro is more suitable for image detection"
Aug 20, 2019
Vincent Spano replied to Godfery's discussion Uav gas detection equipment is more accurate and lighter
"Most gases have characteristic absorption peaks in the mid-infrared region, which can be determined by detecting the position of characteristic absorption peaks"
Aug 18, 2019
Vincent Spano replied to Vincent Spano's discussion What are the requirements for camera pixels for aerial detection?
"This is a picture of Gas Detector G2
Authority said:
Because there are no photos, it's hard to analyze how it works. But usually, the panoramic camera is based on the camera being able to rotate intelligently.360 degrees is the horizontal direction."
Aug 18, 2019
Vincent Spano posted a discussion
Recently, I have been very interested in air detection. As a drone enthusiast, I plan to build a drone to detect the air quality near my home. I know from the Internet that the detector usually has a camera. I would like to ask the general…
Aug 16, 2019