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We’re posting on behalf of CASA, (the Civil Aviation Safety Authority) with a message we want you to pass on to anyone you know who flies any type of remotely controlled aircraft.



This e-brochure covers the five basic rules of model aircraft flying.  It won’t be news to most of you who are already obeying these but please pass it round to any newcomers.


As far as CASA is concerned battery powered quadcopters, minicopters, multicopters or fixed wing planes with a video or camera attached flown by amateurs as a hobby are the same as old-school model aircraft. The same rules apply.


Most of you guys have pretty good common sense about flying your model aircraft. You know instinctively that it’s dumb and dangerous to fly at high level if there’s any chance of a plane or helicopter nearby; to fly over or near crowds; to fly near roads or buildings; or to fly too close to anyone.


But a few are giving everyone enjoying this hobby a bad name.  Worse, they could hurt or kill someone. The penalties for causing a serious accident with a model aircraft are severe - big fines and the possibility of being sued.  CASA has the power to fine offenders, but we’d prefer that incidents and accidents didn’t happen. With your help, we can achieve this goal.


You can help us by passing on the messages in this brochure.  By doing this you will be building a safety culture in your part of aviation.




CASA safety promotion branch


flying_with_control_model final.pdf

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  • Thanks a lot. If we police ourselves and get the word out there should be no more of this stupid illegal activity that threatens what was once just a dream technology has made real. In WA USA you can place a person under citizen's arrest as I was forced to do once so at least in this State we have some ability to see that the law is obeyed, and any act regardless that a reasonable man knows will cause a human harm, or is likely to cause someone harm is against the law here. It wouldn't hurt for everyone to be aware of their legal rights and the law in their locale regarding such activity if necessary. Just talk of it will send out a warning with a little more bite than a law someone ignores because the police are not around to see them break it. I don't mean to sound like Big Brother, but then again I don't want my freewill and right to fly responsibly taken away either because of an act like the one shown in the video here. One of the safety benefits and advantages of flying FPV is the R/C aircraft can be much smaller and lighter and it will only get safer as the technology improves. So as usual education and respect for everyone else is the key factor here needed for progress .  

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