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I designed the ITS helicopter control system that uses simple electronics (before most of you were born and the Apple Computer was just a dream in science fiction) but if you Google v-c/c=2.48e-5 (CERN's "loose cable" that goes back to 1948) you can read why the patent work was never completed thanks to the "Good Doctor" and his gang of "legal thieves" who have shown the true color of a man's skin is not black or white but rather green to go with their yellow back bone that acts more like a tail connected to the rat in front swinging the hammer trying to get everyone's attention in an uproar so no one notices what's really going on outside the Courtroom.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Well first of all they are manned RC Aircraft legally using photons to observe their operation NOT UAV's. Second, the Blade Nano QX is saying something we all need to listen too about the value of scale and weight.


Piedmont CA

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Mar 3, 2021
John F Hendry replied to John F Hendry's discussion The high altitude flight of Stefan Ekstam and its apparent agenda...
"Hay guys, this post just came up on Google and there was a follow up post similar to it posted because as I was editing this to add the proper spacing my computer shut down and I thought the post was lost. This "happens" and when it does I usually…"
Sep 6, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Hai Tran's blog post LiPO Fire onboard Fijian Airlines B737
"Badman said:
"At the least, if something were to go wrong I could stand up in front of a coroner and show the care we took to make sure we were operating at the best of our ability."
I don't think a coroner has ever seen anyone do that before....…"
Sep 5, 2014
John F Hendry posted a discussion
This is one of my replies to Stefan Ekstam who has posted one of several grossly irresponsible high altitude FPV videos on Youtube causing an outpour of criticism and damaging replies I believe are the intentional result of "baiting" with some…
Sep 4, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Nicholas Witham's blog post Game of Clones...........
""the general state of the world and what is happening in it affects your right to fly RC"
Well... so much for flying remote control aircraft FPV in the US now. The key to life is looking ahead and reacting to it before it catches up with you. But…"
Aug 12, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Nicholas Witham's blog post Game of Clones...........
"hotelzuluiima said: "WTF does your rather lengthy screed on police beatings etc and HOA(s) have ANYTHING to do with diydrones and the subject at hand?"
Read David's insulting post and be sure to notice his attitude of justification that caused the…"
Jul 7, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Nicholas Witham's blog post Game of Clones...........
"David, regarding your statement  "but not everyone"  we all need to accept that it only takes a few of  these excluded "not everyones" to ruin the RC hobby for everyone because of using cheap inferior quality parts on RC aircraft that can turn a…"
Jul 6, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Quadzimodo's blog post The Prodigal Drone Returns
"Cool story.... and what a nice looking little machine to get back! And I can understand about the bottle of wine. When I was 12 one of my older brother gave me a qt of vodka and a dare. I knew nothing could affect ME except me so the bottle ended up…"
May 1, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Nicholas Witham's blog post Game of Clones...........
"That's a spooky picture DT. What time is it in History's cycle? But I hate to say it I have another one to point out. After seeing how long it will take me to learn to do what most of you can do blindfolded and feel comfortable with the system I…"
Apr 29, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Nicholas Witham's blog post Game of Clones...........
"Thanks for the info.... clone it is. Seeing what 3DR has achieved so far is down right amaizing. Maybe someday a Universal "Good Faith Patent" sticker placed on a product will take hold supported by the associated consumers related to it where the…"
Apr 29, 2014
John F Hendry replied to Safety Promotion branch's discussion Australia: Safety advice for amateur R/C flyers form CASA
"Thanks a lot. If we police ourselves and get the word out there should be no more of this stupid illegal activity that threatens what was once just a dream technology has made real. In WA USA you can place a person under citizen's arrest as I was…"
Apr 27, 2014
John F Hendry commented on Chris Anderson's blog post FAA announces investigation into drone use over Denver 420 rally
"Paul said: "Legal or not, if that thing was flown over peoples heads, it's an unsafe act. It is NOT a high integrity system"
Well said. Not sure what this was all about but it seems some people are so desperate for attention they will do anything…"
Apr 24, 2014
John F Hendry commented on John Githens's blog post Multirotor used near Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver Harbour
Hay guys, something is not right with this video and I smell a rat. I'm used to the smell because I sued the "good doctor" you can Google to see what happened before I showed SLAC's E158 weak force asymmetry data matched CERN's Sept 2011…"
Apr 24, 2014