This is one of my replies to Stefan Ekstam who has posted one of several grossly irresponsible high altitude FPV videos on Youtube causing an outpour of criticism and damaging replies I believe are the intentional result of "baiting" with some obvious replies that are connected and intended to support a group of individuals attempting to damage the public's image of RC aircraft and the pilots involved. It is my hope that immediate steps will be taken to limit the above ground altitude height that flight control boards allow an FPV aircraft to achieve and put an end to these fake "non-agenda FPV pilot" flown videos as well as curtail the ability of anyone stupid enough to copy them to do so.
BTW, the small equation I ended the post with in an act of wave cancellation;-) is the equation for the fine structure constant and the direct result of my attention being redirected without building my home and workshop as I had planned. Math was always my weak link, but not anymore as far as the deep stuff goes. But I have a long ways to go in my study of gravity and it is this hobby that has always motivated me and I'm not going to let some wanabe take it away from me. So I think when we see these agenda based flights we should do as any good attorney would do and challenge their validity as well as comments being set up in response. And take away their main tool by limiting the altitude heights obtainable and there are several ways of doing it, but in hardware would be best. It would have been wise to have done this right from the beginning but as the hardware gets better and more consolidated few will want the older electronics just to brake one law of common sense and respect for what could happen as unlikely as it may be. 
+Stefan Ekstam You're a funny guy Stefan, and cheap. I've been to Europe and the most noticeable difference between Americans and Europeans is Americans waste things whereas Europeans cringe at the thought of being so wasteful. At 8:53 when your nice new hex is well over 8 seconds from the ground and I'm guessing 20+ seconds as it is not freefalling you start editing to switch aircraft and you can see it in the editing as it goes from a picture of the ground to one of the sky with a few blurred frames stuck in shaking things up and in too few seconds it's on the ground and ground looping violently over and over again with many edits throughout making the "crash" very spectacular showing how much damage could be inflicted by such a device with so many propellers spinning at high speed trashing and spinning around on the ground. Then at 9:35 we see a brand new DJI 550 hex with two ESCs disconnected at the bullet connectors sitting on it's unbroken fragile landing gear and six 1038 stock props in perfect condition with some mud painted on them without so much as a single broken tip or chip in the thin leading edges on any of them after doing the African Huba Juba Dirty Moon dance in high speed creating a time tunnel after crashing through the trees. Oh, and two $6.50 broken DGI 550 arms along with the thin unbroken undamaged GPS mount as well as the 3-Axis Gimbal also undamaged missing it's rubber dampeners. Comon Stefan... where are you hiding the rubber dampeners?  
But again it doesn't matter if these anti-FPV videos that show off magic loose duct tape unaffected by air pressure and unbreakable magic props traveling through time tunnels are being faked or flown normally as the important thing to notice is they are being put up with an obvious agenda in mind: to show RC pilots and their FPV aircraft are dangerous and being flown at high altitudes, a problem that can easily be corrected by the flight controller board limiting altitude and something DGI should think about before "someone" files a lawsuit against DGI for their reckless endangerment affecting the entire RC hobbyist community. The question and obvious answer is why did Stefan Ekstam do it and follow up with the comments he made making it worse and baiting for replies that support the agenda. He knew darn well when he put it up it would harm the image of RC aircraft and their pilots and cause comments not beneficial to the RC hobby. And now we see a company making FPV equipment supporting his stupidity and adding to it having a contest that exposes the egotism of the group by requiring the participants to fly over highways and seek out an 18 wheeler for at least 3 seconds and fly directly into the mourning and evening sun each for at least 20 seconds blinding themselves for over 20 seconds with after image effects, something every RC pilot as well every automobile driver avoids doing for obvious reasons of safety, not to mention the known rule of the photographer's thumb "that if something is so bright that it hurts your eyes to look at it, that thing will probably damage your camera too". On Earth there is nothing outside of the lab that is brighter than the Sun so maybe it's time to wake up and start acting like adults and stop letting a small group of pride ridden egotists control the world's emotion in an attempt to remove freewill {a} that is destined to fail and flip the table of wealth before technology can collapse it's legs from abundance. e{a}/t=hv JFH^^

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  • Hay guys, this post just came up on Google and there was a follow up post similar to it posted because as I was editing this to add the proper spacing my computer shut down and I thought the post was lost. This "happens" and when it does I usually add to it and repost it. So there should be another one like it "somewhere" and I apologize for putting up a double post. I also lost a post on another high altitude flight I thought was a better example with more time put into it I was just finishing up regarding an RC plane flown FPV to 13,500 feet using a nitro engine, or so is being claimed with many videos that might let that claim get past with the claimed video to support it missing. There seems to be a *issing contest going on with a few of these guys putting up the damaging posts and the claim was made in the "heat of emotion" it seems taking for granted no one would bother to check it out with so many other videos up. There was a real plane shown I wonder about possibly being used but at 13,500 feet that would require oxygen.   

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