Auto Analysis error message in Mission Planner

I have been using Mission Planner for 2-3 years without problem. Recently, after downloading data flash log via Mavlink  and reviewing the log, I clicked the Auto Analysis button m and got the following error message :--

                            The type initializer for "NumpyDotNet.NpyCoreApi" threw an axception

After I clicked OK, got another message saying :"Bad input file".

  MP version  1.3.35

This happens on Arducopter 3.2.1,  Arduplane 3.2.3, on both my desktop and laptop, and on both APM2.6 and Pixhawk.

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            • Developer

              I think I just discovered the problem, the new server is missing the newer versions.

              • I downloaded again from the link given in your second last email and still got 1.3.35.

                 Pls advise when the latest version (1.3.37) will be added to the new server.


              • Thank you Michael for your excellent job.

                Could you tell me if in the past you have been approached by law enforcement officers to provide expert's opinion in pending drone crash reported to FAA under new personal drone (aircraft) legislation

                of December 2015 ?

                I am especially interested in python scripting nice feature to study

                diy drone airthworthiness in the labs.

                Can motors be individually controlled via ESC PWM channel output preset values to match motors by RPM performance ?

                If motors matched by RPM vs. PWM performance, I would like to study and test airframe balancing and propeller leveling reading and real-time processing IMU gyro, acc data.

                Tell me if python script can be used to read IMU outputs real-time

                to generate live charts to fly by instruments and virtual instruments overlay, processing and displaying telemetry data in graphical form ( user add-on  GUI objects).

                Your Mission Planner is an excellent application you have full control on, so you can make a decision to get MP upgraded to MP Pro one day and have code, wire frames certified by FAA for airthworthiness.

                thank you.

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