Auto-leveling problem in 2.0.55

Tried the 2.0.55 release from MP 1.1.1 today in the gym at work. Previously auto-trim has been the way to get leveling tuned for my AC. This time it did not work.

Before leveling the copter, it  leans heavily in one direction after take-off and flies off,

When activating auto-leve, and taking off,  the copter is perfectly level! No trim input, and it hovers very nicely, so impossible to enter stick input to adjust the leveling.  When the auto-level funvtion stops the copter starts drifting heavily again.

This was repeated 3 or four times, very strange and making it impossible for me to get the copter in the air I guess this must be some sw error that has sneaked in during the last releases of the AC. Any ideas what this is?

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  • Developer

    I've found that Simple mode can screw up auto_leveling if your not perfectly aligned with the starting position. I flew a fix tonight that works, and improves the accuracy of Auto-leveling as well. It now gives a proportional response to the sticks so you can fine tune things. I need to fly it a bit more to verify another detail. Until then, fly in standard mode and not simple.


  • Hi, Just fly with autolevel for 20 secs. Land, and disarm the motors. Reapeat 2 or 3 times, always disarming. This way it saves the auto trim.

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