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The APM 2.6 in auto mode cannot seem to get the plane (wing wing z-84) down to the target cruise speed of 12m/s.  During missions in still conditions it flies at 15-20m/s. Stall speed is 6-8m/s.

I am not using an airspeed sensor.

Some parameters are:

Stall prevention is OFF

Max throttle: 40%

Cruise throttle: 25%

Cruise air speed: 12m/s

Max air speed 22m/s

Min air speed 8m/s

Originally I had TECS_CLIMB_RATE set to 2 m/s and the plane cruised even faster (25 m/s). I changed this to 10 m/s and it slowed it down to 15-20m/s.

Can someone please advise me on how to tune the plane to achieve the desired cruise speed in terms of parameters to play with.  Even being an engineer myself its not the simplest thing to understand how TECS works in terms of all the parameters.  I feel there should be a parameter to change if your plane cruise speed is over shooting or undershooting.

Lastly, I am not comfortable with my max throttle being 40%.  Id like it to be 100% but that will make the plane fly even faster while cruising.

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