Im really struggling with Auto mode.   When I activate it with way points loaded in, it wants to fly off in the wrong direction, so I regain control.  When I switch it back on again it flys off in a differant poisiton from the last one but still wrong. 

Sadly that time i didnt save it and resulted in a crash but when I read back the WP's strangly the home positon had changed from the one I first set by about 10 meters.

What could have caused this, will the copter fly to the home position first then the way point or will it go striaght to first WP also ?


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  • Thanks

    What could cause the shift then, very strange
  • Thanks

    What could cause the shift then, very strange
  • Hi,

    The home position is set to the current GPS position when arming ArduCopter.



  • When you do a firmware update do you do an erase and reset in the Terminal?

    If not this could be part of the problem.

    If you have real bad interference issues the compass could be to blame, you WILL need to do a compassmot in the Terminal.

    Check the web pages for instructions.

  • When switched to auto it will follow the loaded mission 

    So if the first command is Waypoint 1 then that is where it will go.

    What firmware are you running?

    What board are you running?

    Have done the compass calibrations?

    Have you done the compassmot?

    Does Loiter work?

    Does RTL work?

    The test of Loiter first, then ability to RTL should always be done before launching a full mission.

    You need to take smaller steps to ensure you have everything setup and calibrated correctly.

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