Autonom starting


I like to configurate my copter so, that he will start autonomy, goes to a hight of 3mtr. and waiting there for pilot instructions.

To stay there is not the problem, I can use loiter. But to auto start will be a problem. Is there a possibility?

The next thing is, I like to build my TX so, that the throttle stick always be centred by using a spring (like nick and roll sticks) so that I can always fly easy in altitude hold mode. But it seems, I can not start in this mode :-(

Any ideas?

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  • You can autostart in Guided Mode... put a guided mode target and activate the mode.. thats how I start my copters auto.

    I would suggest to use loiter for movements. :) And the idea with the "Spring" I do not recomment at all... that can cause some serious kack! Loiter you still can fly using Elev/Ail Stick, change hight above/below 50% throttle stick but if you let go your Elev/Ail, the copter falls back to stable loiter.. a bit like toymode just better in my opinion.


    The Guided Mode start is a bit rad.. stay clear from your copter... :)




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