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RC for over 30 years, Telecommunication Specialist, Programmer... Utopist... truther

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Developping drones for Nature Reserve Africa www.DronesForNature.com - Ever tried to inhale money? - Project Archelon - We develop a drone, swimming in the ocean, powered my hydrogen and solar, filtering water 24/7... removing plastic from the ocean!


Heidelberg, Germany

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J Dilling replied to Jay Berg's discussion newb wondering about 3 axis BG steadicam
"Hi Jay

I am no specialist... should ask Paul but he is not around at the moment. We do some movie work from time to time. So I kinda understand your short terms a bit ;) Can also say you talk like them (movie dudes) ;) not everybody knows what is a…"
Dec 15, 2013
J Dilling replied to Tad Whitaker's discussion Follow Me Function
"You mean visual sensor follow me? Have you tried the GPS follow me from Andropilot? The update is all 2 seconds... not sure how fast you ride your skateboard... dont put the copter on "head" hight... put it above house/tree level... with wide angle…"
Nov 10, 2013
J Dilling replied to Andi's discussion APM2.5 A0 - A9 cappable of delivering 400ma?
"Hi Andi

Why not take the power from one of your ESC?
If you draw to much from the APM.. you might risk a brown out.. I never tried to connect video over it.. but even if I connect a servo.. I use a ESC as power source.. juuuuuust to be sure.
Sep 12, 2013
J Dilling replied to Daniel Sisson's discussion First multirotor! Need a few tips :)
"First tuning sucks.. but you have to fight yourself through it :)
You could also have a vibration issue.. APM is nicely set on a good foam?
Start tuning in Stabalize Mode.. when that flys stable, fine tune in Acro. You have a video so I can see how…"
Sep 12, 2013
J Dilling replied to Ahmad D's discussion ESC's keep beeping continuously and endlessly!
"Solution is written BIG on the product website I found:

• Compact 40 amp Brushless ESC
• With builT-in 3 amp BEC
• 40 amps continuous, 45 amps burst
• 55mm x 26mm x 11.6mm, 35g plus                         

• Handles up to 12.6V  …"
Sep 12, 2013
J Dilling replied to tomex's discussion problem with UAV auto-mode
"Do you use a Spectrum Transmitter (DX6,DX7,DX8)?"
Sep 11, 2013
J Dilling replied to Frank Bernd's discussion Autonom starting
"You can autostart in Guided Mode... put a guided mode target and activate the mode.. thats how I start my copters auto.

I would suggest to use loiter for movements. :) And the idea with the "Spring" I do not recomment at all... that can cause some…"
Sep 11, 2013
J Dilling replied to Raph's discussion Y6 battery life. is something wrong?
"Hi Raph

First I have to say that I believe any X2 config is inefficient. Only reason I would use it is, if you need redundancy.
why i don't like it is simple. The prop inside the stream of air is not doing the work it should but adds the full…"
Sep 10, 2013
J Dilling replied to Seth's discussion Too loud...
"The noise you hear are vibrations... mainly the prop vibrations..so if you balance your props with a special tool.. you will reduce the noise level.
A good balancer just holds the prop with magnetic fields, use sandpaper to scrape the edges of the…"
Aug 26, 2013
J Dilling replied to Amos Olson's discussion [Video] Why does my arducopter shake during descent?
"Fix pitch copter have the issue of oscillating on fast descents. The reason is the construction of the props, to go down in altitude, the copter has only one possebility, reduce the prop speed, become more wobbely. The better balanced the copter and…"
Aug 26, 2013
J Dilling replied to Dean's discussion APM 2.6 Mega GPS Drifting?
"Is it flying in one direction or just toilet bowling? Sounds more like a bad calibrated compass.. how much you get in the compasmot?
Aug 26, 2013
J Dilling replied to Dan Schuster's discussion how much real computer science can my students get out of a UAV?
"ArduPilot is based on Arduino.. I would go this way and see if you end up in the air... remember that a Rover is far more crash resitant...  Arduino gives the advantage of low resource cost and you can assign, read out, control,.. what ever sensor…"
Aug 26, 2013
J Dilling replied to Chris F.'s discussion Quadrocopter / Octocopter?
"Hi :)

Quads are more efficient on flight time but come at the cost of no redundandency. A Hex... my prefered... has 1 boom to fail and still able to fly. A Octocopter can loose 2... highly unlikely.. a good quad is as stable as a octocopter.. but…"
Aug 26, 2013
J Dilling posted a discussion
HiI have a few APM in use.. but got a PX4 to test a new system. Did all the config and setup of the IOBoard. Telemetry (3DR 433 MHz) on UART5 and PX4Flow on the UART2.. where I get stuck is the RC.TXT file. Where do I find an example what I have to…
Aug 20, 2013
J Dilling replied to AlanGP's discussion Using the LRS back channel for APM Telemetry
"Mhhh no specialist here.. simple look.. how you make the LRS run with the MavLink Protocol... same frequency doesnt mean they speak the same language.. i never looked into LRS.. so I might state complete bogus... but I think the LRS can only…"
Aug 1, 2013
J Dilling replied to walthero's discussion Can we learn something from this man? One of the worlds experts on batteries and charging
"I ask myself more the question how many battery patents are rotting in the drawers of all the oil multis. Things happend, but as our system only supports change carried by money, a lot of technology got bought to reduce future competitor risk.
Aug 1, 2013