Need help on the PX4 setup for Telemetry and Flow


I have a few APM in use.. but got a PX4 to test a new system. Did all the config and setup of the IOBoard. Telemetry (3DR 433 MHz) on UART5 and PX4Flow on the UART2.. where I get stuck is the RC.TXT file. Where do I find an example what I have to put in to get both UARTs assigned.


Anybody has a clue?




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  • Hi, I am trying to connect the PX$FLOW sensor with APM 2.6, Can anyone please help me out..any suggestions...


  • Hi,

    I'm stuck with the same. Did all the setup and it worked oki. But only rubbish came from the 3DR radio on UART2. No wonder, when I look at it on a scope. It's servo signals all over the place on the UART2 connector!

    Regards, Soren

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