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Hey everyone, I've been flying enough now that I'm ready to build my first quad. Are there any follow-me function tools that are not GPS? I want my quad to shoot selfie video while I ride my skateboard, but GPS isn't going to be a good option around buildings. Any suggestions would awesome. Thanks!

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  • That wifi copter is pretty sweet, though. It doesn't say much about how it works. Am planning to email/call and find out. Will let you guys know.

  • I'm trying to figure out something that doesn't use GPS because I might be going into outdoor places where sky visibility won't always be great. I'm wracking my brain over ideas (infrared?) and just haven't been able to come up with anything. 

  • Check out the YS-X8-P. Was just watching some video on it and it looks pretty sick. It works off wifi from android and ios based phones, fully autonomous and has a "follow me" function.

  • You mean visual sensor follow me? Have you tried the GPS follow me from Andropilot? The update is all 2 seconds... not sure how fast you ride your skateboard... dont put the copter on "head" hight... put it above house/tree level... with wide angle on a gopro.. should be kinda easy. Before you go follow me on a skateboard... build and test the quad... and more important... DONT fly it over people.. where ever you skateboard.. I hope you are alone.. and dont forget to have a fire extinguisher around too.

    I just had a flaming 6S 8000mah... people dont think about emergency backup at all.. flying in urban areas.. can cost you more than you think as soon as you torch a house... or even worse.. if you wanna skate in a remote skateboard park :) have fun.. rest... please think about the safety of the people around you.

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