First multirotor! Need a few tips :)

Hi all, glad to be on this forum :)

I've decided to give my first multirotor a go, a small X frame quad using the X230 combo from Hobbyking:


I have (I think) set it all up correctly, motors and props spinning the right way, done the ESC, magnetometer and accelerometer calibrations, and have just tried my first flight.

Well, not good with the stock settings (in acro mode). The instant it got off the ground, it started oscillating rapidly. I have assigned the CH6_RATE_KP variable to a potentiometer on my TX, and I've been trying to tune it so I can just get it off the ground for a start, but really not having much luck, and it usually just flips itself over sideways until I freak out and cut the throttle to save my props.

I read over many PID tuning tutorials and videos, but everyone seems to be using it on larger multirotors, whereas this thing is only tiny. Does anyone have any pointers, or default PID values I could try for such a small quad? At least so I can get it off the ground and tune it further?

I'm trying to follow that tutorial on youtube with the copter suspended between 2 strings, however I just can't for the life of me find a P rate where it is responsive, but isn't oscillating like mad.



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  • Hey mate ive got the same kit "x230" and wondering if you have your pid set yet ?

    im on MPNG 2.8 with the same board as you and ended up with

    rate-P: 0.0490

    rate-i 0.0100

    rate-D : 0.0030

    but it started to tip on liftoff so i stopped. no damage just not keen to try again till ive got some help :p

  • T3
    If its small enough you can tune it by holding in your hand. Be careful it will cut. Or make a simple rig to hold it.
  • First tuning sucks.. but you have to fight yourself through it :)

    You could also have a vibration issue.. APM is nicely set on a good foam?

    Start tuning in Stabalize Mode.. when that flys stable, fine tune in Acro. You have a video so I can see how the copter behaves?




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