APM 2.6 Mega GPS Drifting?

APM 2.6 with 3,0.1 and external compass. GPS in loiter and it settles for a second, then just starts flying away in a specific direction!

Any ideas?

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  • I too sometimes get crazy drifts and its always in the one direction. However it doesnt always happen just here and there. If i switch back to Alt-hold then it does not drift and it holds reasonably well, but drifts a bit with wind. Sometimes it really takes off in the same direction. The thing that has me stumped is sometimes it holds position really well but when it goes bad, its wrong. if only it were consistant then i could fix the problem.

  • I had this issue with compass orientation.

  • Is it flying in one direction or just toilet bowling? Sounds more like a bad calibrated compass.. how much you get in the compasmot?




  • See your log, accel vibrations and GPS Hdop parameter. If Hdop > 2 you have a bad GPS fix.


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