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Hey all,

I am new to this space and am just wondering if anyone knows of any initiatives to quiet some of these copter drones.

The little ones with high prop speeds produce a lot of noise.  I know larger props would allow for similar lift at lower speeds, but there are limits to this.  Most of the kits I see also use two-bladed props and maybe three.  Is my understanding correct that you can get similar lift with 4 or 5 blades with slower rotation? And would this yield a quieter running copter?

Any light the community could shine on this subject would be appreciated...

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  • The noise you hear are vibrations... mainly the prop if you balance your props with a special tool.. you will reduce the noise level.

    A good balancer just holds the prop with magnetic fields, use sandpaper to scrape the edges of the heavier blade (hanging down) till it is absolutly weight stable in horizontal position.. if your props are perfectly mounted to the motor.. it should make just a soft high pitch wistle at max load.


    as example:

  • I am new but, .... If you have the largest prop to motor which will not overload the motor and cause it to become overtly hot the noise on the larger multis is a buzz. Like loud swarming bees. I too have heard the videos and some are crazy loud. I was worried about building one and have found my 1000kv motors and 10X4.7 props sound almost good. For my quad the sound I hear for it is like a finely tuned big twin bike or a big engined hot rod. Now, I do not mean the straight piped spitting fire but the deep throaty sounds. My quad had a good strong buzz. Not loud, shrill or obnoxious.

    More Blades? More beating of the air. More fast air rushing across prop surfaces. Equals more noise. IMO.

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