problem with UAV auto-mode

Hi guys,

So as today we had a big crash with my uav skihunter model, i setup 4 way points as first time, with no landing and take-off.

while the uav was on the air when was flying I switched to auto mode and it just dropped off 70 meters ! :(

I have attached the .tlog of this accident could some expert please have a look and guide us what went wrong ? it was just 3 mins of fly.


last time we tried, it was fine for 1 waypoint then in turning, it kinda drop altitude so we changed banking angle and nav1_period to test today but the crash happens :(

Thanks in advance


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  • Do you use a Spectrum Transmitter (DX6,DX7,DX8)?

  • anyone ?

  • anyone here?

  • any thoughts and suggestions are welcome :)

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