Hey everyone, I am pretty much a N00b regarding UAVs. But I love watching those things flying through the air and that´s why I am very interested in the topic. Moreover, we have a movie company and are looking out for people who get good footage by UAVs.

However, I saw some movies of a highly expensive quadrocopter and I watched some videos by an octocopter. The videos of the octocopter were all much more stable and seemed to be better controlled. Is this a general rule? Is an octocopter simply better for producing high-quality-air-pictures?

Thanks for an answer - and sorry, I am simply a n00b. :)

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octocopter is better, because it has 8 motors and can carry more load. it's also safer, as in case one of motors/props/esc's fail you won't have brick falling down, but will have controlled landing.. as to stability of copter itself - it's not necessarily true.. or - not always true :)

drop me a note, if you need some help with aerial filming - that's what i do quite often (in norway right now with both copters)


Thank you for answering. However, why does anyone still use expensive quadrocopters when it is better to use oktocopters? Is there any advantage? (Nvm, I am searching for guys in Germany.)

Hi Guys,

I am also a noob in aerial photography. Although I am planning to start with a quadcopter with gopro3. I am looking at an aluminum boom (like 3dr quad). Is this type of quad okay for aerial filming?

Well, an octocopter has twice the motors, twice the ESCs and twice the number of props to balance! If you need to solder each bullet connector on your ESC, that's either 5 x 4 = 20 or 5*8 = 40 soldering jobs to do! Also, although an octo has more redundancy, there are also more parts to fail! And I don't know who told you that a quad is more expensive than an octo. Finally (for my post) an octo needs to be MUCH larger than a quad to be able to fit in all those props side by side! So they weigh more, you need more batteries, more money.... etc etc...

Hi :)

Quads are more efficient on flight time but come at the cost of no redundandency. A Hex... my prefered... has 1 boom to fail and still able to fly. A Octocopter can loose 2... highly unlikely.. a good quad is as stable as a octocopter.. but beats a octocopter by flight time. Also the octocopter has more "things" to crash.. if your copter comes down due to a system failure, there are more "things" on a octocopter to possibly break..

My Hex flies up to 30min with 3 axis gimbel (high speed digital servos, 3kg torque, 0.06sec for 60 degrees).. 900MHz Video transmitter system and HD onboard recorder.. the more efficient your system is tuned (Prop - Motor relation), props balanced for no vibrations... a good picture doesnt mean you need more engines.. you just need a well tuned system.


Every motor you take up adds weight.. the less weight you lift with the same battery.. the longer you fly.. Octocopter have the worse Prop-Area to Size ratio... if you beginn.. build a Quad.. costs less.. you will crash it! :) Try small and light for the starter.. we did a prototype to see where we can go with weight and motors.. and reached 39gramm for a octocopter.. dont know how often it crashed.. never broke anything and is nice to fly.. my hex is 6kg.. when it comes down.. and it does that occationaly.. it costs a bit to fix all.. start small.. work your way up :)


hope that helped


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