Sudden Stop of all Motors in Guided Mode


Something strange happend today and I don't know what it is. I'm new to the APM 2.5 and a bit clueless right now.

I flew the Hex several times "stick" and it flew great. Guided mode worked like a charm and the copter was super stable.

Now today I started the drone and took it into guided mode. It flew as usual to a waypoint not 40m away. 3DR connection was good. When I gave command to fly a bit closer, I just looked up from the laptop when I saw all propellers stop at the same time and the thingy came down like a brick from 15m. All I did was click on screen and select "Fly here".

Batteries were all fresh and the drone about 1 min in the air when the crash happend. Flighttime 13 min, the APM has its own 3S, the ESCs run on 2 x 5000mah 6S. ESC, engines and batteries are usual cold after a 10 min flight. Firmware is on 2.9.1

Any ideas what went wrong?

I attached the tlog..



2013-04-06 14-03-27.tlog

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  • The only unusual thing I can see that correlates with the engines is your throttle dropping at the same time. You were hovering at about 1250, then you put the throttle down to zero (1010) and then it dropped slightly to 996. Maybe some sort of failsafe triggered. I'm not good at log reading :( Hopefully you find an answer.

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