APM2.5 A0 - A9 cappable of delivering 400ma?

Hi there,

i need a voltage of 5v for my video TX. The Boscam 5813 needs a current of 180 regarding the specs.

The A0 - A9 headers plus and minus should be sourced by the 3dr powermodule, right?

I'm using the 3dr 60A power module which should support up to 2,25A. So in theory it should be no problem using the power from this ports right? Is there any reason not to do this?

I'm having a normal quadcopter, no servos at all.

thank you very much in advance


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  • Hi Andi

    Why not take the power from one of your ESC?

    If you draw to much from the APM.. you might risk a brown out.. I never tried to connect video over it.. but even if I connect a servo.. I use a ESC as power source.. juuuuuust to be sure.




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