Autopilot and camera

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I want to make an UAV, which cans fly using webcamera to determine his way.

There are fine libraries to analyse images, such as OpenCV.

But i need to have operating system(maybe linux) and powerfull processor (as x86 or ARM-9 etc) to solve this task? Or this problem can be solved with ArduPilot Mega?



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  • now I have camera moving with dcm and gps to target a place, I should implement opencv on the ground to send to the plane the corrections needed. to be fair xplane simulation and ground test reveals no need for such an error correction, but point at a moving car is only doable with opencv.

    Also I need google earth terrain altitude because actually my code assumes target altitude same as home.alt so when I move the camera she points wrong if altitude is different and plane canìt know anything about that.

    10hz is eoungh to point the camera, my code will do the interpolations.

    I'm blan on opencv and gearth api but code is almost ready to receive the commands..if someone could help..

    probably oliver can implement on planner the algorithm to send target altitude, I can do the apm part.

    actual planner needs to receive a lat lon from plane and send altitude, than should be able to trac an object on video downlink and return the offset from center. should be not so difficult.

  • Image processing is computationally so expensive. I don't think the processor on Ardupilot can do this in real-time.

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