Autotune Crash

Hello, we have problem. After a few days we had a crash. We begin with the Autotune Mode. And safed the pids. Everything was fine. So we changed the Lipos an started again. Due the facts that we chose the wrong escs one of the Motor was burning up. And the Copter chrashed on the ground. After we changed all Escs, at the Moment we use Hobbywing 30A Esc, the Misson Planner said we have bad Ahrs. But a few seconds the warning disappeard.

So we started in the Stabilze Mode with the default pid . The copter flew good and so we switched to Acro Mode. Everything was fine. So we started Autotune and suddenly the Quadro tilted extremly fast and angressiv from on side to the other side. So we thought its in the normal sector . After 2 Minutes the copter starts tilted forwards and tried to flown away.

So we switched to Acro Mode and land the copter. We decided to tune only on axis (Yaw Axis). So we started again. But as we switch to Autotune the copter was fallen and crashed on the ground.

We use an Copter with 390Kv Motors, 6s Lipo and 14 Inch x 5,5 Props. The Hobbywing Escs are unflased.

Could you help us to analyse the log files?

29Autotune Pitch.BIN

30Autotune Pitch.BIN

31Autotune Yaw.BIN

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  • I had almost the same problem with simonk ESCs- I thought it was esc sync issue. After crashing it 3 times in autotune, I finally tuned it myself. If you use hobbywing, I have no idea.

  • I noticed that the Autotune Mode reduced my P Rate from 0.08 to 0.01 . 0.08 is the lowest recommended Rate. I asked me why  it makes this?

    • Autotune is not working well for you, don't use that pids if they are from crash autotune. Or you repeat with better results?

  • Looks like an unsync problem, perhaps you can check that

  • Did you calibrate the new ESC's?
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Dec 3, 2020