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tried to "autotune" PIDs on my Pixhawk which is configured to drive a V-Tail Quad. The V-tail Quad flies quite ok already but sometimes it behaves a bit unstable/nervous in the air - that is especially when it's getting hit by wind gusts.

That is why I setup the autotune feature to CH7 on my Radio.CH7 is configured to a switch on my radio and I can see that it works like a charm in the radio callibration screen.

However: When i flip the switch while flying in STABLIZE or ALT-HOLD (prefered mode for autotune) exactly nothing happens. The copter won't start the autotune procedure :-/

Any ideas on this?

Does autotune not work on a V-Tail Setup?

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This fellow seems to have a similar Problem (Autotune not engaging) :


Can someone please help on this topic?

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