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How do you add additional Aux Outputs?

In the Optional Hardware>Camera Gimbal setup window I have RC9 in the tilt (I'm assuming that's the Aux Out 1 of the PixHawk) and it works, but how do set another Aux Out in the Pan drop down?  

Is RC10 Aux Out 2?  If so I have not been able to make that work.

I'm using a Futaba S-Bus Rx.

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  • Everyone gets confused because they used the same labels, like RC8, to refer to two different things.

    Bottom line is that you can map 4 transmitter channels to various Aux out (like transmitter channel 7 to A10, using the gimbal control page)  or you can use a passthrough from a transmitter channel to the exact same motor output number, like RC transmitter channel 7 to Motor output 7, no mapping.

    And to answer you original question :)

    "Is RC10 Aux Out 2?" Yes on the output side or left side of the page, while the ride side are inputs with similar labels.

    Good Luck

  • Rather than recopying everything, here is the post I wrote about it:

    • Thanks Mike, I read your post on RCGroups, I'll have to see if I can figure it out.

      This seems like its much more complicated as it needs to be.

  • Can you access the additional AUX Outputs through the Mission Planner, if so how?

  • The Pixhawk has 6 servo connectors labeled AUX 1-6. These can be used for digital outputs or pwm servo outputs. The use is controlled by the BRD_PWM_COUNT parameter. It is default set to 4 which programs the first four aux ports 1-4 to be pwm outputs. Once again the 3DR folks seem to have a need to add some confusion so they sometimes refer to these pins as 50-55, which I assume is how they are labeled on the printed circuit board that most people never see. If you programmed all 6 outputs to be PWM they would correspond to RC9-RC14.

  • I would have thought this was a fairly requested thing, how are people using 3-axis gimbals with the Pixhawk without more Aux Out channels? 

    • Two ways come to mind. Directly from the receiver bypassing the Pixhawk or dedicated receiver and second transmitter and don't forget second operator. 

      • I thought about that, I'm using SBUS 6808 Rx so I'll have to figure out how to program the transmitter to make that happen.  

        Its kind of ironic that 3DR's big push is the Solo and yet its not simple or possible to add additional Aux Outputs that would enable the Pixhawk to accomplish this?  

        • It may be possible and hopefully someone else with more knowledge can jump in. I know the improvements to the Pixhawk are constant so what doesn't work right now may work soon.

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