Available platforms for research with quadrotor UAVs indoor

I know, it is a 1 Million dollar question but I would like to know your opinion about it. 

If you would be able to start your own research lab with UAVs and especially multirotor UAVs (quadrotors in particular), which platform would you adopt? 

Note1: The research is about multirobot formation control, onboard computer vision, navigation in cluttered environment, onboard computing, decentralized estimation/control etc.

Note2: when I say platform I mean software/middleware/hardware

Note3: Assume you have money also for a Motion Capture System (Vicon/Optitrack) 

A really famous one is the PIXHAWK architecture which offers compatibility with ROS (Through the MAVROS protocol) and also hardware with the pixhawk flight control board (and different sensors). 

The nice thing is also that there is a big community behind pixhawk of course. 

Qualcomm now came out with a new solution (mainly Hardware): \https://worldsway.com/product/dragon-drone-development-kit/

Do you know about alternatives? What would you choose?

Thanks for your thoughts

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Up, could you help me about this? 

Still no suggestions? Sorry I am highly interested in this :) 

Check out the Intel Aero RTF drone. You can also get the compute board separately. 

The documentation is pretty good. They have an entire course geared toward development. And the Intel staff is responsive to questions. 

It's not optimal for multirobot formation control (Certainly possible, but expensive). However, It's nearly perfect for simply implementing optical flow, SLAM, obstacle avoidance, and custom autonomy scripts. 

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