"Bad Gyro Health" apm 2.6 mega

i'm not sure exactly where to post this but I hope someone can help me.  I purchased the APM 2.6 Mega with Ublox GPS (with compass), minum osd, 3dr power module, and telemetry from Readytoflyquads.com. 

I have setup the board and run Mission Planner wizard with no problems.  I calibrated and leveled my accelerometers and Mission Planner showed the artificial horizon as level as long as I don't move the board.  When I do move the board the horizon on the computer responds correctly to my movements but when I place it back on the table the horizon continues to move as far as 60 degrees back and forth until I unplug the board.  I also occasionally get a "bad gyro health" error.  

I have uploaded a video to Youtube which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxJBEwjVpVo

If someone could please look at it and see if I am doing something wrong I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


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  • I read thinking of doing that but I can't seem to figure out how to load the older firmware. Is it available for download somewhere?
    • In Mission Planner, go to the Initial Setup tab. Click Install Firmware. Bottom right is a "previous versions" option.

      • I checked my mission planner and I don't have the previous version button. I read online that ctrl O will pull up previous versions but that does not work also.
        • I've attached an image of what you should see.


          • I see the exact same screen you have there except for the options in the lower right. I'm running mission planner 1.2.99 build 1.1.5197.12871, what version are you using? Thanks for your time.


            • 1.2.97 but I can't imagine an update would remove that feature. I'll keep looking at it. Perhaps there's an option to display that menu somewhere.

              • I installed 1.3.4 today. The option to install older firmware is not there. I'm getting the Bad Gyro Health message; I checked the I2C port voltage, its giving out 4.4V. I have an APM 2.5 from jDrones. I've had it for over a year now, just got it setup now. Had been using the APM 2 before this. I wanted to know what gets affected if you've got a blown regulator. Is there any way the board is still usable?

                • Alright, I went into Config/Tuning and checked Advanced View. That brought those options back. Hope this helps :)

  • Hey, I had the same problem. What fixed it for me was rolling back to an earlier version of ArduPlane. I think 2.76.

    • Thank you!  That fixed my Bad Gyro problem as well

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