Just flight testing my ballistic chute and was wondering if anyone else has done one and has covered the different scenarios?

I'm cutting all the ESC PWM signals and ejecting mine out of the back on the following conditions:

Zero G for 200ms and initial loss of any ESC PWM signal from the AMP25Board.(part or total AMP failure)

A change in angle with corresponding ESC PWM increasing relativly. (Loss of whole prop)

Any sudden drop in altitude combined with large vibration. (Loss of prop blade)

CH Toggle. (User triggered)

Does anyone have experience of what happens to the PWM when something glitchy happens in the Arducopter software, does it go to a default mark to space position or does it stop outputting all together?

I'd like to cover every possible scenario so any information about in-flight failures would be great.

Obviously under 5 meters or so, this system isn't very effective but above that it's peice of mind knowing that I don't have a lethal weapon fallng to the ground which is why I designed it.

This is the test platform, my MK2 Hexcopter.

Ardupilot Mega 2.5

u-Blox GPS

Horizon Hobby HD (tilt/roll mount stabilised)

5.8Ghz AV/TX


3DR 433 Radio Telemetry

1.2A 12V DC to DC convertor for video and TX/AV

6 x spinny things

Weight: 1.48kg

Static Thurst: 5kg

Chute: 36 inch rip-stop

Custom Board with the following:

70mm x 50mm x 15mm (with battery and GPS antenna)

ADXL322 3 axis accelerometer

USB connectivity

Telit GE863-GPS GPRS/GSM Modem for SMS position and audio modem comms

1000mAh Li-Po

6 x 12V LED output(for the legs)

7 x Servo Inputs (6 x ESC PWM detection, 1 x control

7 x Servo Outputs (6 x ESC, 1 x Chute release)

5 outputs for remote control of Horizon Hobby HD camera menu navigation

Temperature sensor

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I'm interested about your chute system. Unfortunately I don't have a great understanding of the inner workings of the power system. I assume your 6 spinny things are your props? What size are they and do you actually fly with only a 1000 mAh battery, or is that a second battery? How much does the chute system weigh? Does it have its own separate independent control system or does it also interface somehow with APM? I assume you have tested your chute system. Do you have any videos of it in action?
Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Hi Richard,

Just back from being away for the festive season :)

The 1000mAh cell is purely to run the chute board as it must run totally indepentently to all other systems to be a safetly feature.

I am only flight testing the system at the moment as it has never been in the air, I need to record the accelerometer data to ensure that the 'scenarios' don't occur in normal flight.

The chute itself (which is still on my desk) will be thrown out the back by a small rubber band catapult, I had thought about using Estes rocket motors of which I have much experience, this is to try and get the chute more or less fully out with little drop in altitude but it pretty much melts everything behind it.

I will of course post video as soon as I do the first chute deployment..

I'd like to know about anyone who has had thier copter fall from the sky and knowing the reasons why.

My Hex fell when I had a complete power failure to the APM. I had an under size BEC and added camera servos which killed all power. Broke one arm. Looking forward to seeing your video.

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