• I ordered one of the Sky Surfer kits with the brushless upgrade. The foam is nicely done, but that is where it stops. The brushless motor is an outrunner, which turns inside the foam. The motor mounts to a plastic motor mount which is glued in. In my case the mount was glued in with about 10 degree offset angle making it useless. After removing the motor mount, which I had to destroy to remove, I installed a long can 400 I had. I then started to check out the servos, more problems, the ruddder and elevator servos mount inside the fuselage, not on the outside like the Easy Star. One of the inside servos does not operate properly. I haven't figured out how to remove it without destroying the fuselage for replacement. Next I started to check out the aileron servos. One control arm was not installed with the servo centered. I now need to remove the servo from the wing and reinstall the servo arm. The one good thing is the wings fit the Easy Star. They would make for an easy aileron upgrade to an Easy Star. The canopy is held on with two magnets and a tongue in front (like the popsicle stick mod to an Easy Star.) The fuselage is hollow, and will probably not stand up to hard landings like an Easy Star.
    My personal recommendation would be to buy an Easy Star and forget the Sky Surfer.
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