Barometer Interfere caused by Xbee 900 telelmetry

Hi Guys,


Perhaps somone can assist,  please see tuning below.  My telemetry signal, only when active, interfers with my barometer accuracy.


Why should it interfere at all?  If I put metal between the antenae and the apm, it helps a little.  If i supress the signal by touching the end of the wire, the interfence stops all together.




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  • Another solution is to give the power to Xtream bee board carrying 900MHz module from a separate BEC. We have tested this method in indoor auto land using only baro. It was a success with a small bounce! (To be able to test indoor auto land, we first waited for GPS lock by putting the copter near a window, after that we did a manual takeoff and then an auto land.). Although current solution seems to work enough, we also plan to add an RC filter (probably adjusted to 900 MHz) to the power input of Xtream bee board.

  • Same problem here...

  • Is that error +/-2m or +/- 2cm?  I thought the units was cm, not meter.

    I've seen one guy had success putting a toroid on the ground wire of the Xbee.

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Aug 25