battery and battery conections (for arducopter)

I've finally narrowed my battery choices to one cost effective battery. Its a great planes battery found here. Do you think it will perform well, I know its not too powerful at 2200mah, but I plan to upgrade later on.


Also when I connect the power module to the APM, do I still connect the red and black wire I soldered to the PBD? I had trouble with the manual, but here is what I understood: You connect the power module to the APM, and the red and black wire from the PBD. THe red and black wire provideas a ground connection. When you connect it, you take the small little piece (I think is called an shunt) of the two pins labeled JP1. Is this right?

Also can you use NiMh batteries, do the esc's support it? I have the 3DR ecs's, its the quadcopter kit from 3DR.


Thanks for your help and fell free to give me other battery recomendations, nothing cheap though, I'm new to LiPo batteries as I used to use NiMh for rc cars.

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    Yes you are right, JP1 is not required. Any servos connected to the PWM outputs will be powered by the power from he ESCs regulators (BEC). The APM/RX is powered via the APM PM.

    You can power the ESCs in most cases using NiMH batteries, it's a function of voltage, I.e a 2S LiPo ESC 7.2V will need 6 cell NiMH. But check the specs.

    Other tips for LiPo, don't run them flat 3.0v per cell is considered absolute minimum best practice, aim for 3.3v. Don't short, always balance care under 1C. There's lots of info on the site just use te search. (And more on the intertwaddle ;-) )

    Hope this help :-)
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