Hi Community,

 I want to buy  a battery balancer to storage my Lipo with the right voltage. Currently i use a 2 and a 3s Lipo battery

Any recommendations? My priority is cheap but any recommendation is good.


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Does your LiPo charger not have a storage program? Most of the Turnigy and other brand name chargers do. Flying half your normal time or manually discharging can also achieve the desired rest voltage of around 3.85V per cell.

BTW, LiPo's apparently lose 0.3% capacity per week at full charge, they also lose capacity on every cycle and my experience is that they lose at least that for every cycle so it also only benefits the battery if they are to be stored for long periods (months), any charging or discharging counts partially to a cycle.

Hi Graham, thanks for the answer,

I have a really cheap charger (TITAN B3 2-3Cell 7.4v 11.1v Lipo Battery Balance Charger For RC Model ) and does not have any display screen, just the LED that tells me when it is fully charged.

I was wondering that maybe with the telemetry or the power module i could have the reading of the battery voltage.

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