Battery connection on wft09

Hi all,

I've been a longtime lurker on these fantastic forums however have not had the knowledge to really be helpfully contributive.... yet.

I've run into a really basic problem that I'm hoping for some help on.  It's so basic that it's a little embarrassing asking but I hope it can be resolved quickly.

I'm building a jdrones hexacopter and plan to use the jdrones customised wft09 radio gear.  I've finally got to a point where I can start to get the basics configured and realised that I can't figure out how to get the battery connected to the transmitter. 

The battery harness does seem to have two points for connection to the receiver however the logical place within the receiver doesn't seem to have plates to interconnect; there does seem to be a place for them to be installed but the brackets are empty.  Photos attached.

So my question is: am I meant to connect the supplied charge cable somehow, is the transmitter poorly manufactured or have I missed something blindingly obvious?

Many thanks in advance.



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  • In answer to my own question, the solution was "missed somthing blindingly obvious".

    I hadn't seen it as my room was not lit enough, but the battery connector is on the opposite side of the battery compartment and is not immediately obvious. 

    I hope this helps anyone else tempted to ask this silly question ;-)

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