Battery Failsafe Land Props Spin

Hi All,

Not a critical issue. I'm running Arducopter 3.3.3 FYI.

Load testing my batteries etc. in my Hex after a period of no use. Whilst in Loiter at about 1.5m high the battery voltage dropped below 10.5v and my Battery Failsafe activated. The Hex landed itself but the concern is that the props still continued to spin and oscillate their RPM. As I was not able to Disarm using the TX I turned to Mission Planner to try and Disarm. Before I did this the Hex tipped over onto one arm and stopped the motor.

Checking the Logs I've confirmed the Failsafe event cause was the battery. When the Hex tipped over it recorded a Crash.

Why did the props not stop spinning with both these events?

Thank you in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this.

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