Battery on top?

Hey guys,To make room for a camera mount on the bottom of my quad I was thinking of mounting the battery on top of the center plate, then mounting apm, GPS, rc on top of that. So the battery would be about even with the motors. My question is will this cause unstable flying, or other challenges?Jason

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  • T3

    Here is my gimbal mount.  I use only 3 mount screws and the sonar mount arm.


  • T3
    I used a sonar mount arm sold by 3D Robotics to mount my GoPro camera gimbal. I'll try and post a picture later.
  • Hi,

    I have a very similar query regarding this as well, as I plan to have use a 2 axis gimbal on my + configured 3DR, but to position it I need to move the battery, but in my case off to one side (see the pic below, the gimbal is to the front, however it will be modded so the camera points straight down as I am planning to do vegetation surveying with it).  I am guessing that this might cause some issues, any thoughts on tuning that I should consider before I try a test flight?




  • ...however don't cover the GPS antenna with the battery and keep the wires at some distance from the compass..



  • 3D Robotics

    That should be fine. It's actually more stable when the CG is above the middle, since it avoids the "pendulum effect". 

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